The Ice Cream Adventure Recap

The Ice Cream Adventure Recap

The Artists Date was created by Julia Cameron as part of her book, the Artists Way. The purpose of the date is to get out and do something to invoke your creativity. It’s suppose to be done by yourself. For me, doing it by myself doesn’t work as I spend the majority of my time by myself (which is the way I like it). So I challenged myself to do something once a week with somebody and that somebody happened to become Nikki. Nikki is up for pretty much anything I suggest and so we decided to do an ice cream adventure. I’ve been recapping it each week as part of my Artists Way Check In but I wanted a recorded of all the places we went to in one place and under my Things Done in Wisconsin Tag. So here are all the ice cream shops we went to and a rating.

Stop 1

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co

This place is within walking distance of my house, though there are many locations within Madison. For ice cream it was good, but not anything special. I got salted caramel with cashews and slivers of chocolate. Overall rating is ★★★

Stop 2

Fancy Roll

It’s located in of of Madison’s malls and there are two within fifty feet of each other. Though one was closed on the day we were there. The one that was closed was the one we would have preferred to have gone too, as they had more options but the options at the other were still alright. There’s a mystery flavored option and I truly debated it, but I went with the tried and true Strawberry Banana, because that’s hard to mess up. It was delicious and unique but at the same time not anything amazing. They definitely have a unique way of making the ice cream and too be honest I probably would have enjoyed it a ton more, if things hadn’t felt weird with the people working there. The one location that was closed said, closed due to family emergency and the opened location was being run by children. There is potential that maybe one was 18 but out of the four people present two were definitely under ten and the other two were teens. In a family business you do what you have to do to stay open and take customers and I am definitely use to kids being a part of the serving, it just seemed odd that there was no adults around. That said for kids they made a decent ice cream and it was very pretty. Overall rating is ★★★

Stop 3

Miko Poke

Miko is not an ice cream shop, but they do have a dol whip ice cream pineapple float. This is my second time having one of these and it was just as good as the first. So good that I had already taken a bit or two before I had remembered to take a picture. We sat outside enjoying the heat and slurping away at this delicious snack. If you haven’t been, I recommended. The poke at this place definitely isn’t anything extraordinary but the float is, so much so that I just might go get another one. Overall rating is ★★★★★

Stop 4

Java Cat Coffee Shop & Gelateria

After enjoying a good meal, we took a look at the gelato options I had two questions; does gelato count as ice cream and would I try something not fruit based? To the ice cream question, I say it does. It’s cold, needs to be frozen, and though they are technically different things, I’m counting it, at least in regards to this challenge. To the second question, why yes I got cookies n’ cream. Typically whenever I diverge off my normal favorites I end up hating it. That was not the case. The cookies n’ cream was delicious and I would definitely get it again. That said even the small felt like too much after the heaviness of the meal and sadly I didn’t end up finishing it. Overall rating ★★★★

Stop 5

Michael’s Frozen Custard

This place is almost the same as the Chocolate Shoppe. It’s a local company and while it isn’t quite my thing, it’s got decent ice cream and lots of options. I’ve been three times now and probably won’t go back unless someone else takes me there. The location though is very close to the lake we have been kayaking at, and so that does make it handy. Overall rating is ★★★

The location we went to this week is unfortunately closing this fall due to immigration. The owners husband has been denied a visa and deported. This is a fear I live with every day. If you can please donate to the ACLU. If you would like to know more about my own personal immigration journey and how we have been blessed as white individuals in this political climate you can read that here. Last please vote in all elections, the small ones are more important than the big ones but they are all very important.

Stop 6


Where each week they have a different ice cream creation and a interesting menu. I got the fish katsu, which had the most amazing sauce (Thai chili-tamarind-tartar sauce), that I wish I could have bought a bottle of and then we got the ice cream. This week’s combo was pineapple sorbet and vanilla bean ice cream. Your options was to have each individually or in a twister. We both got twists, though Nikki got hers in a cone and mine was in a dish. Suffice to say that this was some of the best ice cream we’ve had too date. Overall rating is ★★★★★

This place is now sadly closed.

Stop 7

Rollicious Creamery

This weeks adventure was really weird. We showed up, went to my favorite (so far) sushi place Takara 88 and then walked to where we were going for ice cream. We thought it was strange when Takara 88 was closing at 2:30 but we didn’t really think anything of it. We arrived and there was a lovely flashing closed sign. Apparently the entire area just closes for afternoon siesta, so no ice cream. Of course the point of this is to get ice cream, so I pulled up the next location on the list and off we went. We flew downtown, parked, met back up and walked into the Rollicious Creamery. Nikki decided on her order first and went up to pay. Payment didn’t work. At this point she was worried about her card as she had had issues earlier, but it turned out to be the bank of the location and not her card. Payment system was down. After saying the world was against us getting ice cream we were about to head out to grab cash when the gentleman running the place just said ice cream was on him and survived us up. It was the sweetest thing, his action and the ice cream. I got a chocolate ice cream taco, yup a taco with ice cream. It was amazing. We are definitely going back to this place and not just because it was free ice cream!

Stop 8

Villa Dolce Cafe

This is the place we attempted for stop 7 however they were closed. Attempt two was successful! Villa Dolce Cafe is a huge little Italian place, with delicious food and great gelato. Kevin joined Nikki and I this week. We each had a different kind of sandwich and different desserts. While it doesn’t top some of the other places we went to (and their hours are odd), it was delicious and I would definitely go back. I got wild strawberry and it was definitely one of the best strawberries I’ve had in ages. Nikki got kiwi and Kevin the blackberry, and they said the same for theirs.

Stop 9

La Michoacana

So throughout this entire adventure I have been looking for one thing and one thing only. And that is bubblegum ice cream. It is my favorite. Of all the other stops this was the best one to end the adventure on and I’ll definitely be back because the menu on this place is amazing and very, very unique. But for this particular day, I just needed my bubblegum and it was delicious. Overall rating is ★★★★★

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