The Macro Flower Shoot

The Macro Flower Shoot

Where to begin. I have wanted a macro lens for years. It’s just never felt feasible to do until recently. January this year though I finally did it. I bought one and then returned it and got another. This one I loved and I got some pretty decent snowflake photos out of it. But I haven’t really done much with it since. The thing with a macro lens, is that it's very specific. The snow was hard to shoot because the patio door was frozen and I couldn't get out to it (easily anyways). So I put it aside and have been sticking to my prime lens since. Besides the rare occasion (like baking bread), it sits on my shelf. Which it is sad for something I have so been looking forward too. So when I got an email from my local camera store and they were offering a macro class, I decided to go.

Day one was inside shooting, controlled environment, and ask your camera questions. The teacher had brought in a bunch of beautiful flowers. I found it hard to shoot though as it was crowded and kinda unexpected. I had expected theory for the class not shooting until the next day. So while the flowers he had brought were lovely, I was distracted. It is so easy to be unfocused when shooting, something I definitely need to work on.

Day two, however, was an adventure to a local green house and this time I was ready. One of the first flowers I found was this white one below on the left. All I wanted out of that flower was the little hairs inside the bloom. I probably sat there for twenty minutes before I gave up and walked away. That one photo is the best I got. After shooting for a bit, I went to the gazebo hidden in the back and sat with the teacher. Bringing up the fact that it had brought me much frustration and he did what any good teach does, talked me into trying again but with a different approach. The second try is the yellow one below and on the right. While I love the layout of the first photo and second one definitely capture what I was going for better. And I had so much fun shooting, talking, and trying new things.

Near the end of class I was tired and not really sure what else to shoot that I ended up back in the gazebo just listening to everyone else in there chatting. This is where it’s weird for me, five years ago Angela would barely have spoken and definitely wouldn’t have been talked into anything. Today though I participated and ended up using two other people’s equipment. One was a flash system, which for me flash is super intimidating. The gentleman whose stuff it was, walked me through how to use it, set up, numbers, distance, angles. It was information overload and definitely something I would love to have told to me again. The second was a different lens, a nikon wide angle macro tilt shift converted to fit on a sony. And again information overload with how tilt shift work, plus the wide angle and the way to use it. Such great information and honestly I just couldn’t absorb it all.

It was exhausting putting myself out there, but the pictures were totally worth it. Now I just need to do that more often.

Have you ever shot macro?

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