The Summer of Kayaking

The Summer of Kayaking

I find the hardest thing to write about, is the person I love. Some days it comes easy or I find a poem that perfectly expresses what I wish to say. Either way when it comes to birthdays, I am not the best at figuring out what to do. This year has been no exception and with Kevin’s birthday being tomorrow I, as usual, am at a loss; gift wise and word wise. So instead I want to take a moment to talk about one of the things we are doing this summer. While we absolutely love to just stay home and play video games 24/7, we decided that this year we didn’t just want to be stay in the apartment. We wanted adventure and a challenge.

Something not always available in Alberta is water and greenery. When we thought about summer adventures our brains went to the water. We don’t have access to a ski boat (a sad and hopefully not forever thing), so instead we went looking for kayaks. We took a lesson three years ago and only went out three times last year and this year needed to be different. We found a local place and they have a membership. A one time fee that gives you access to kayaks and paddleboards (and other things, but I haven’t yet explored those) all summer long. So that’s what we did.

The water has simple been lovely. I’ve gone out many times with friends, but weekends, weekends are for us. Saturday morning we get up and head out. Sometimes we spend a bare forty-five minutes out there and other times two or three hours. But it’s lovely and it is definitely the adventure we were looking for.

It has taken us a bit to figure out what we like. First was a standard kayak, separate, but then it was hard to talk. Second was a tandem kayak, we could chat but I still bashed my hand paddling. Third we tried sit on verses the sit in kayaks separate. These have been my favorite. I don’t bash my hands and it’s easier to pull up along side each other to chat and sit with our feet in the water. This made us curious about tandem sit on and that was our least favorite, no proper back support. We think we’ve figured out what we like, but each lake experience is different and honestly it’s just been about being out on the water and enjoying each others company.

So Happy Birthday to my favorite human. Looking forward to spending many, many more with you.

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