The Three Expressions

The Three Expressions

It turns out I’ve really enjoyed doing three looks. So here is another week of it. This one involving three very different moods.

Look Four - Chair dancing

It’s a mood and until I discovered aerial, chair dancing was as close as I ever got. Now I’m trying to be more graceful out of the chair and it’s not really working, but I can pretend and a hoodie tends to make it all better. Comfort and grace those things go together, right? Along with pink on pink on pink. It’s my favorite makeup combination. I did a much light variation last week. This one is far bolder. Is it too much? To be honest I don’t know if it matters, I enjoyed it and I rocked it for the full day!

The hoodie is from one of my favorite YouTubers La’Ron Readus. Supporting creatives has become very important these last few years, buying merch is one way to do that.

Look Five - Bubblegum

I had a song bubblegum stuck in my head but I don't actually remember enough of lyrics to search the song out. So instead I tried to snap pictures of me blowing a bubble and it totally failed. Ignore the blur of the first photo, it’s harder than it should be. This is day two hair and it’s only finger brushed because I’m getting lazier as I get older when it comes to brushing.

The shirt is from a small creator Balm Apparel. I’ve also worn it here with very similar make up to the look four, so I guess it’s a look I play with often. But is always a look that surprises me.

Oh and if you know the song let me know, because I very much want to try my new dance moves to it…

Look Six - Dolled up

Last, this week, but not least... I dressed up! WHAT?? Who am I?? I do not dress up like this often, like maybe once or twice a year these days. Not only that but I pulled out the jewelry and fancy shoes. Today it just felt right, we were going out for the evening, trying a new restaurant. I figured why not. I did however try to do different eyes, grey instead of pink. My three favorite colors; black, gray, pink. They are all present in this look. The only thing this outfit is missing is a link to a small creator, which is sad because you should definitely support small creators! A few of my favorites are;


share your favorite’s below!!

That said nine west shoes are pretty fantastic so invest in those and the whole outfit is from Nordstrom.

Another three successful looks. Only 11 more to pull off for this project. Which is your favorite?

Happy Tuesday! Tell me how you’ve been?

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