The Trapeze Adventure

A chance to learn more of the aerial arts I’ve so been loving came and I jumped at it. Payment made, schedule set. Twelve weeks of trapeze starting April 7.

And so it began. My adventure flying on a wooden dowel. My grip was terrible and my strength poor but it grew over the course of 12 weeks. I became a confident thing, who loved to fly. The best parts were the swinging. Flying free in the air, all directions, and multiple heights.

The worst parts was the lack of organization among teachers and the partnering warm ups. Overall, I enjoyed huge aspects of trapeze. Especially the week with the blind folds.

I don’t know if I will do it again. For the moment the answer is no. My feet and wood dowels are not friends and the knots on the ropes are too much for my skin. But the experience was lovely and I made new friends.

EDIT: I recently tried a carbon fiber with solid rope trapeze and still didn’t enjoy it. So I think this is just not the apparatus for me.

Have you ever done Trapeze before?

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