This Year I've Been Loving

This year I've been loving so many things, that I forgot to do monthly favorites. So I am wrapping up Jan, Feb, and Mar into one and telling you about the things that made me happiest. 

Favorite ways I've been spending my time


Not that that should be a surprise to you, if you follow my instagram. You will have seen all the yoga I have been doing. The second I get bored I go to a class and the teacher does something different. Like partner us up to practice headstands (then get mad at me for jumping!)


Eating has always been a struggle. Last year I did not win my battles. I lost more than I succeeded and it was exhausting. The last few months have been just as exhausting but full of more successes than fails. I truly think it will always been exhausting, but if I can turn it to successful struggles vs failure, that's a good thing for my body and health. 

I have not gotten sick since the year started. I've eaten what I wanted and while I have definitely felt guilt over choosing a box of chocolates when a salad is what the world tells me to eat. I listened to my body. When it said it needed protein, I made protein and when the cravings for sugar happened. I indulged. Finding that balance is the struggle but each day I strive to be better. So yes I have been spending a lot of time eating yummy foods and that has made me so happy. 

Favorite Foods

Speaking of food, here's some yummy things I've been eating.

Top Row

1st Crepes found at my new favorite breakfast place, La Brioche True Food. I have always hated breakfast. It's my least favorite meal and until this year I tried everything to skip it. Now everyone else says it's the best meal of the day and this year I have been striving to eat things that I find good for breakfast. Finding a restaurant that has good breakfasts that both Kevin and I enjoy is nothing short of a miracle!

2nd The makings of Porridge. On the topic of breakfast most of these pictures are of things I ate for breakfast. Porridge made with cranberries and cinnamon, is my current go to!

3rd The waffle of the month from Yola's Cafe, Red Velvet with cream cheese. Technically breakfast but I ate it for lunch. It was so frigging yummy! This cafe is adorable. 

4th A morning bun from Barriques market. This place is currently my favorite cafe ever. Their steamers are so lovely. They warm up my food perfectly and this is just one of the things I enjoyed there. 

Bottom Row

1st and 2nd are from Hurts Donuts. I did not eat these for breakfast. Nor did I eat all of them myself. I did manage to share with Kevin! Before we moved I had found a lovely donut shop in Calgary, that had salted caramel donuts and they were wonderful. I think about them often. So finding another donut that had exactly that was so exciting!

The ones I ordered were - Salted Caramel, Lemon Jelly, Peanut Butter and Jam, and Peanut Butter Pretzel. The salted caramel wasn't as good as the one in Calgary, but still decent. The lemon jelly was stuffed full of lemon curd and wasn't soggy inside, a huge plus. The peanut butter pretzel was amazing, the perfect amount of peanut butter. The peanut butter and jam was interesting, but not something we would get again!

3rd When I can't eat I turn to fruit. Cantaloupe has become a the recent favorite as finding good tasting pomegranates is almost impossible (they are out of season, so I guess it's okay.). 

4th mini eggs from Cadbury. I put these one morning in my porridge, because chocolate porridge sounded good. It was a good idea, but better chocolate is definitely needed. These are my favorite easter candy!

My last favorite food, I made a video of, because why not. It's short and I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Switching gears from food, lets talk about 

Favorite things I've used

The Library, Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask, NeuStyling Extender, my scanner. To name a few. All these things have made my life easier. My scanner to get digital copies of all my old journals and photos. The NeuStyling Extender for fixing my hair in the morning. Bed head is real when your hair is short! The mask for helping my skin and making it feel wonderful. And lastly the library for books to read.

Based on that tweet, I don't need to buy more books but I still want to! So the library has been a lifesaver when it comes to reading and budget! If you don't have me on goodreads, be sure to add me, I post all my book reviews there. 

Lastly, we have creator's I love

My favorite Instagrammers

Professor Stingray and Tattoo Yogi Mama. Professor because he is adorable and Kaylah from the Dainty Squid takes so many lovely photos, I am happy she made a Instagram account for him! Tattoo Yogi Mama is inspiring. Her daily updates are wonderful, her yoga poses are amazing. And I just want to get to that mindset and yoga level, so bad. It's a work in progress for me and I am happy to have someone to watch and a level to grow towards. 

I would love love to know your favorite Instagram pet and yoga accounts! Please share them, I am always looking for inspiring people to follow!

Speaking of Inspiring, a favorite blogger

Xanthe, who also has an amazing Instagram. I follow her on both. But her films are inspiring and they keep me trying to be more creative when it comes to my one second a day project! I love all her videos. I wanted to pick a favorite to share with you, but honestly there are just too many to do that. Though the color project is in the top for sure!

YouTube, the funny and the serious (kinda)

I like, like most people now-a-days, watch a lot of YouTube. My two current favorites are Nanalew and Peter McKinnon. For two very different reasons. Nanalew is great for laughs, talking serious shit but in a light hearted way. If I could I would be a patreon for her (maybe one day). My current favorite videos of hers is Yoga for Psychopaths, Responding to negative body image and Retro Swimsuit Review. If you are going to watch any of those make it the yoga one! Or just watch all three. 

Peter MicKinnon though is light heartedly teaching you how to better your photography. He's working is beautiful and inspiring and I love his teaching style. My favorite videos are How to make your picture come to life and How to make stuff FLOAT. I have photos coming out later, using techniques from his 5 tips to instantly up your photo game. I am constantly rewatching and taking notes. As someone who shoots constantly learning new ways is awesome.

What are your current loves? 

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