Three Dresses for Sale

A couple of weeks ago Kevin and I had an event to go to. It was the type of event that we used to dress up super fancy and go all out for (take this post for example). It’s not something we’ve done much since moving to Wisconsin. Unlike Calgary were the crowd was usually half dressed up and half casual. Wisconsin tends to be all casual and if you dress up, you stand out. So we’ve gotten lazy. In fact I can only think of us actively dressing up twice, both times for date night.

This time I wanted to dress up again and I figured why not try out the few dresses I still had. The three are all from my previous life as a banker. I tried one on and discovered the arms no longer fit… Cheers to building muscle from lyra class. The other two are very form fitting and I did not think they would fit at all. But I slipped them both on and sure enough they did. Not only did they both fit but it was comfortable! I strolled through the house trying to decide what to do and honestly it just felt weird. These dresses, once well loved, no longer felt like me.

While I’ve realized for a while now that my sense of style has been changing. I had also just assumed that my old style would still fit me like a glove. I wasn’t expecting it to feel like playing a character out of a book. I’ve already given one away but I still have two left and I think it’s time for them to move on to someone who might love them more than me. Now to find a dress style that fits… that said it might not be quite right anymore but I can still be sassy in it.

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