It’s Fall and so, Video Games

It’s Fall and so, Video Games

Today I had wanted to share a post that was something along the lines off all the wonderful winter/fall things I've been eating or doing... Or whatever. Instead I found myself stuck on my couch struggling with food and diving deep into the mind numbing escape of a video game.

Now I love a good video game. They're great entertainment, sometimes great for groups of people, and enjoyable way to spend ones time. But it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to be taking pictures, honing my craft, writing a blog post, networking, building the post idea that I originally had. Not playing an infuriating game of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I haven’t spent all my time playing video games… I’ve been staring out the window watching fall happen, I’ve walked on beautiful leafy paths, caught a few sunrises and so much more. All of those were done without social media, my blog, or my camera in my head.

And that’s okay.

I love being so distracted by the beauty around me, that I forget to record it. Fall melting into winter is an array of beautiful colors you didn’t really get to see in Calgary. I slightly regret having no fall photos but next year there’ll be another fall and I don’t regret the moments I spent enjoying it. That’s the thing, I feel guilty for allowing my self to space out and challenge myself to a video game but there is no reason for that guilt. No one is giving me it, I am putting it on myself. I am in the lucky position of choosing how I spend my time and once again, find myself needing to be reminded that I like how I spend my time.

So this post was supposed to be about Fall and Winter loves and instead I’m turning into a chat about video games and guilt.

Here’s the video game part

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

We got Mario + Rabbids beginning of October and I still haven’t beaten it. I loved worlds one and two, four was okay, but three. Well, let’s talk about how terrible three was. The combat was awkward and it just didn’t flow as nicely as the other three worlds. When it came to doing the challenges it was all about being hit and bounced into a specific spot. Which just wasn’t the type of game play I was looking for. I love the strategy of the turn based combat and wish that the multi-player let you go through the main story. I feel like this game was overpriced and under completed. A lot of the challenge modes were just blue block worlds and not designed. I enjoyed Super Mario Odyssey more and that game was also annoying (I am not good at controlling the hat).

SimCity Complete Edition

This is the other game I’ve recently sunk some hours into. Anything Sim related tends to be a game that I dedicate three days of my time to, forgetting to eat, sleep, and drink for the duration. Not a healthy thing and so it’s something I do once or twice a year. SimCity wasn’t even entertaining enough to last me that long. Mostly because you couldn’t forever extended your city, be that upwards or outwards, it was limited. Gets frustrating when you get all these demands from your residents and yet you can’t do anything about it because you have no where to build. I did however enjoy the emotions tab, where you could see what people loved, hated, percentages. Sims take graphs to a whole other level and I like to look at them all.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this fall and now it’s winter is almost upon us. I think choosing to spend my time when the sun isn’t brilliantly shining all day curled up on the couch playing or watching video games is a good way to enjoy myself. If I could get over this self imposed guilt I would probably enjoy my time a little more.

Is there anything you do that you feel guilty about?

Something to watch: Should I feel guilty video via Hank of vlogbrothers - makes a great point. It’s about what you do with “it” verses why you have “it”.

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