What I Hope to Accomplish in 2019

What I Hope to Accomplish in 2019

I’m being a little more direct in what I what to accomplish this year. We’ll see how it goes!


  1. Tattoos/piercing.

  2. Find a book club and become an active member.

  3. Find a yoga/workout mentor.

  4. Start cooking again - hello fresh maybe.

  5. Take a Pottery Class or two.

  6. Take two road trips.



  1. Hang out with other people at least once a month.

  2. Find a local community to be active in.

  3. Find a book club and become an active member.

  4. Find a yoga/workout mentor.


  1. Find a community to be fully active in.

  2. Continue ongoing projects:

  • 365 Photo a Day - only use camera, not phone.

  • 1 Second a Day Video.

  • 52 Self Portraits - dream big goal to shoot all of these outside and not in the house.


  1. Finish Bedroom - night stands, picture frames, bench, rug.

  2. Finish Dining Room - rug, picture frame wall, shelving unit.

  3. Finish Office - closet shelving unit.


  1. Pay off Alberta student loan.

  2. Pay over one quarter of the Canadian student loan off.

  3. Savings account built up to hold two months rent and bills.

  4. Start saving for sabbatical.

  5. Prevent monthly overspending.

  6. Apply for Credit Card to build my credit score in the US


  1. Read 200 books.

  2. Minimum 50 non-fiction.

  3. Minimum 50 by women of color.



  1. Hit second level in Aerial Silks.

  2. Hit second level in Lyra.

  3. Hit second level in Aerial Sling.

  4. Double gym efforts.

  5. Go on hikes.

  6. Take a dance class or two.

  7. Take a pole class or two.


  1. Start cooking again.

  2. Cut sugar habit down.

  3. Actively prevent migraines and not feeling well days.

Dream Big

  1. Take yoga teacher training.

  2. Shoot 52 Self Portraits not in the house.

  3. Shoot pictures for someone else.

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