What I Read in April

What I Read in April

I know the month isn’t quite over. Usually I include what read in my Monthly Reflection posts, except that I’ve found that makes those posts particularly long, so I’m dividing and conquering this month. No idea how it will look in the future, but this is today, and I’m cool with that.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

This was my second read through. Technically I listened to the audio book the first time I read this and this is my first time actually reading a physical copy. My issue with audio books is that it doesn’t allow me to create a my own audio and visual presentation of the characters. So reading this I heard the narrator in my head. Now this isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you have a good narrator but sometime I’d just like to have created my own. The good thing about audio books is that names are pronounced for you and you aren’t guessing throughout. I ploughed through the audio book really quickly my first read and so I expected this to be the same. Except that it’s a pretty hefty book and it took me a good four days to get through it.

You can read my review of the whole series here.

Shadow Daughter: A Memoir of Estrangement by Harriet Brown

I didn’t realize this was a memoir. I thought it was a story. I think it’s an awesome title for a story. On the other hand it was a really good memoir. She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. But she did share lots of wise words and let me know that a lot of the questions I have aren’t questions I’m alone in asking.

You can see the quotes I kept for reference on my goodreads review.

Rosewater, The Wormwood Trilogy book one by Tade Thompson

If I had been reading this as a physical copy instead of an audiobook I doubt I would have finished it. The narrator had a great voice and is a part of why I kept coming back to this. There was a few things that threw my off of the book but overall I enjoyed it. Definitely an interesting story. The big question is whether or not I will finish the trilogy. Book two is out but three is not and with how it ended (not a cliffhanger but also not completed) I kinda want more.

What They Didn’t Teach You in Photo School: The secrets of the trade that will make you a success in the industry by Demetrius Fordham

This book had a lot of biases in it. So it immediately put me off. Specifically the etiquette section. But it also had a lot of good points too. Tips on the portfolio (theme, ruthless, audience, start strong end strong, get feedback) were appreciated. Also I like that he kept coming back to get a passion project, it makes a difference. I also like that he had a shoot list, because of the type of thing I want to shoot, a shoot list is very important and it would also be a very important thing to discuss with potential clients. I also really liked his ten commandments at the end (be humble, have a good attitude, get business-savvy, network, create a distinct brand, be bold, get your money right, get online, stay passionate, and be persistent). I know exactly that’s holding me back and I really need to get a move on and start. It’s harder than it should be.

Orconomics by J. Zachary Pike

I enjoy this genre so much I just wish there was more written by women and people of color so that I could support someone who isn’t a privileged white male. This story was a good one, one of my favorite of the genre so far actually. He wrote the women well, didn’t include some of the worst aspects of this genre, and had a full story. Honestly I don’t have much to say about it other than I really enjoyed it.

The genre in question is basically fantasy D&D, which to be honest, because the genre is so held by white males, is usually full of sexism, crude jokes, and privileged male whining. It’s not easy finding one that doesn’t make me angry in some way. At no point during this particular story was I anger at something the characters did. Fingers crossed the author continues on this path and hopefully more people will write in the fantasy D&D world.

The Immortal Circus by A.R. Kahler

I wanted to read this because the cover is gorgeous! Also I’ve basically joined the circus. However this one disappointed. The circus was the backdrop but it wasn’t the story and I found the main character, one forgetful Vivian to be very whiny. I tire of “OMG his abs” lines. I get it, you think he’s hot, but I don’t need it described 15 times in twenty minutes. I did enjoy the ending battle, well done even if it was far to predictable.

Have you read anything good this month?

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