What I Read in May

What I Read in May

To be honest I didn’t read much this month. A few books. Mostly though I played a video game. So I’m adding that to my review at the end. But here are a few thoughts on the books I did read.

Indexing by Seanan McGuire

I don't mind that this was a mini series and divided up into mini stories that joined together. What I do mind is that each story repeated too many aspects and deserved a lot more editing. For a fairy-tale adventure it could have been a lot better. I wanted this to be like the Fred, The Vampire Series I’ve listened to in the past. Short but connecting stories, with humor and just an author writing for fun. Maybe it was that for the first two or three but by the end it just felt tired. It’s too bad because there’s a lot of potential. I won’t be listening to the rest of the series though, so I have no idea if it gets better with time.

The Black Tides of Heaven by Jy Yang

This is a favorite for this year and a series I would like to own. Once I read this one, I immediately went onto goodreads to ensure that it was actually a series because my heart would have been broken if it wasn’t. Now I’m just waiting for the rest to arrive. This was a good story, written in such beautiful and unexpected ways.

A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

And I did. I began to “practice” changing all of my negatives into positives. I practiced being honest. I practiced being kind. I practiced liking others. I practiced liking myself-which was the hardest of all, since it meant looking at my character defects and being okay with myself anyway.
— Cupcake Brown

I Am Her Tribe by Danielle Doby

There’s honestly a reason I try hard not to wander through Target very often. I always end up picking up a poetry book and I would much prefer to support my local book store than Target. However I once again found myself in that aisle and grabbed this guy. I honestly didn’t care if it was any good because I just loved the cover. Much like what drew me to my very first poetry book, black covers, white covers are gorgeous and make me spend money. I did enjoy this book of poems. One line in particular stands out “you can not force a heart to dance with forgiveness” (page 61). I find this so accurate. We are taught to forgive, forget, and move on. But that’s not the way it actually works. Forgiveness can take work and I wished with acknowledged that more often. It’s a good little book of modern poetry. And if you happened to be in Target, give it a look through.

My Time at Portia - A video game chitchat

I love exploratory games, that let you do whatever you want. This game does that but also has a unique story. A story whose path you can change depending on what choices you make with certain characters. Sure there’s the main plot line but the side plots are awesome. For example, my character has decided to marry a certain person that to do that first you have to become friends with them. Once I finally managed that, I gave them a heart knot, to show my affection and that character freaked out. Not a response I was expecting! They than ran away. Three days later the mayor invites me over and comments about what happened and then gives me a task. This task leads me to be set up and by the end of it all, we are somehow dating and they are referring to me as “darling” it was weird, hilarious and totally unexpected. Suffice to stay at last I checked I had logged around 107 hours. So that’s where my time went this month instead of to reading.

What did you read or play this month?

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