What We Did For Our Anniversary

What We Did For Our Anniversary

This was supposed to happen in December but due to travel and the way a few things worked out it didn’t happen until now. By the end of 2015 Kevin and I were 4 loans deep into student debt. It was a lot of money and has been a source of frustration for the past few years. It’s felt like we were never making any head way or paying it off fast enough. Truthfully we haven’t been paying it off as quickly as we could have, because living has been the priority. But if I look at how we are doing when it comes to repayment and how the average grad is doing when it comes to student debt, we are doing pretty good. It feels slow to me, but we’ve managed to pay off one every year since we started repayment and a few days ago we paid off the third one. Leaving us with one left. It looks like this… with our goal of being done by 2020.

Debt Repayment Time Scale

Of course we did what any person celebrating a big financial win shouldn’t do… we went out and bought a PS4 and a bunch of games. Smart? Definitely not. While I try to get us to do outdoorsy things occasionally, we are in fact home bodies who like to game and the PS4 currently meets those needs, like I said above we could be paying it off faster but we also want to enjoy things. Whenever we buy a console we break the cost by how many hours we have to put into it to make it worth it the initial investment. Based on the cost we estimated two hundred hours needed to be put in. I think I’ll around one hundred hours just horizon zero and Kevin will probably hit that with the Kingdom Hearts series alone. So totally worth it. That might seem like a lot of hours but it’s something we both enjoy and so it’s worth it. And honestly, I would rather put that time into a game than a TV show.

For our anniversary we did debate on doing something like a weekend trip, hotel, spa thing. Except that home is just so much more comfortable than any hotel and we are both traveled out. November and December were filled with travel and while we enjoyed those trips so much it’s nice to be home. We also have reoccurring Saturday and Sunday plans and those would have to be adjusted and it’s far more trouble than it’s worth. A video game means we can come and go as we please all from the comfort of our home. So our anniversary was spent with a little acknowledgement, a big win, a splurge, and some time hanging out on the couch.

Cheers to a great 13 years and to many more.

Have you had any big wins yet this year?

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