Dark Visions By L.J. Smith

Technically this is three books in one. It's a small series consisting of "The Strange Power", "The Possessed", and "The Passion". (couldn't find the possessed on amazon for some reason) I must say I LOVED these books!! It was totally different and I fell in love the characters! I enjoy L.J Smith's writing. I have to say the last book was my favorite!

In the first two books Kaitlyn the main character as much as I liked her, she did kinda annoy me. I won't give reasons because then I will give the plot away! The last book though I LOVE it, it was like Kaitlyn finally figured out who she was and became that person in full!!

Gabriel was definitely my favorite character!! So much mystery to unlock!! I feel a little like Anne and Lewis's characters were undeveloped. Mostly Lewis, I would have liked to have seen more of them in the beginning.

I thoroughly enjoyed these books and will continue to look for books by L.J Smith.

Happy Halloween!