The Pale Assassin by Patricia Elliott

To read and enjoy a story you have to be able to related to the character. And I just wasn't able to do that with the Pale Assassin. Eugenie just felt like a spoiled child, who was given everything. Even though further into the story she starts to see how 'spoiled' she was and becomes better, I just didn't like her because of the first impression. The story was well written, but not my favorite. It felt incomplete, the bad guy wasn't really a bad guy, because she knew nothing about him. And the book didn't really get interesting until the second half of the book.

I read the book in one night, mostly because I just wanted to get it done and over with, and I usually like to enjoy my books. I don't know yet if I will be buying the second one (which isn't out yet), just because of how incomplete the first one felt.

I definitely didn't like the ending. I don't like it when a character hates another character throughout the whole book and the last two pages changes her mind.

I did enjoy the history part of the book. But I in general love learning about King Louis and Marie Antoinette. I probably would have enjoyed the story more if it had focused on Eugenie's brother and the secret things he was doing in regards to King Louis.

I suppose you can't enjoy every book you read.