City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

This book series is very well written. It's a good story, with well developed characters. Plus the story has twist and turns that you don't expect, which makes it an interesting read.I was all that thrilled when I found out that Clary and Jace had special abilities. Jace abilities I haven't fully figured out. But if they are going to have abilities Clary's are an interesting twist. Simon intrigues me, especially after what happens. I had to read that chapter twice because I totally missed it the first time. I am interested in how he developes, in his abilities and as a character.

Maryse and Max are... well not main characters but they both intrigue me. I just am kinda annoyed how Max randomly shows up, its like he's the comic relief in the book, instead of Simon. Maryse, I'd like to know more about. I would really like to know her history with Clary's mother and father.

Actually the parents of the book have an interesting story line and I would love to read a whole separate book on their lives and how things happened.

All in all I am looking forward to book 3. The issue with book three is that it was released about a month ago in hard cover ONLY. Generally I don't care if my books are hard cover or soft. But when I have the first two books in the series as soft covers, I want to keep all the books looking the same. The third book will not be released in soft cover for another year. So I am not sure how or when I will get to read it, because I am not buying it hard cover. I may just end up sitting in chapters on my lunch hours reading the book!

Anyways Happy Friday!!