The Naming by Alison Croggon

I borrowed The Naming from a co-worker. I have to say its been ao nice to find someone to talk books with. And have that someone like the same type of books, fantasy stuff with not much horror or murder and no sex, but maybe a little love. She also shops in the young adult section of the book story and generally avoids the adult section. So we have lots of books to share with each other and its great!This series, well book one anyways is FABULOUS! I have really enjoyed it and read it straight through took my about 6 or 7 hours to finish and it was a great read. The characters are intriguing and changing. There's lots of developments and un-expected twists and turns. I can not wait to read the next book. This book was based in a culture and era that I had never read about before. Is it was nice to learn about the culture there. It was also nice because the author generally explained everything to you, but it was actually one character explaining it to another. I can not decide who my favorite character is.its a toss up between the two main ones Maerad and Cadvan. I also really like Silvia, but she only makes a couple appearances. I am glad its Monday tomorrow, hopefully I can get the second book!

From the back of the book Australian poet Alison Croggon brings an eye for sensual detail to this heroic fantasy that follows the genre's familiar formula: A humble person is caught up in extraordinary events and led (or sent) on a journey by a wise figure, only to discover eventually that he/she is destined to save the world in an ultimate confrontation between the powers of good and evil. In this case the young person is sixteen-year-old Maedra, who is rescued from slavery by the Bard Cadvan. They share an exhausting journey toward Innail, one of the Bard schools and strongholds that govern the land, and Maedra grows to trust Cadvan as he reluctantly reveals his magical powers in several ambushes from evil creatures. But under duress she, too, begins to discover that she has a Gift--and more. After she has learned to read, ride a horse, and handle a sword at Innail, they set out on another dangerous trek to the prestigious city of Norloch, where Cadvan hopes to consult with his mentor Nelac to confirm his conviction that Maerad is the One who was Foretold. Many other characters and creatures come into this tale, as well as mystical intimations and dreams, and lavish descriptions of landscape, food, clothes, and room furnishings. In the tradition of Tolkien, a whole history of an ancient language and culture undergirds the story, and Croggon has even provided appendices of that history, a pronunciation guide, and an invented bibliography of her sources. Die-hard fantasy fans who can forgive its slow pace will enjoy this richly imagined story and look forward to its sequel, The Riddel