Once Upon A Time

Today I found a blog called Crazy Book Slut. It's kinda a crazy name for a blog, but at the same time perfect. Anyways she is having a Once Upon A Time 2010 Reading Challenge. Her Words ''This challenge is quite simple..... read the fairy tales you grew up reading but from another view than Disney's version. There are so many great fairy tale books out there, that might take the same story we know but with an added twist. These books can be Young Adult, Romance, Erotic, e-books, audio books.... your only limited by your own imagination. I am going to make this an easy challenge to finish, and say the goal is to read at least 5 books, again if you want to go big or go home... read more! The time frame for this challenge will be January 1, 2010- December 31, 2010. Plenty of time. Please do not start this challenge before the time, and don't use books you have already read.'' I have to say I have just enough time to find 5 books on fairytales. I am really looking forward to participating and think it will be fun to do something a little bit different with my reading and book reviews.

I want to read something Cinderella related and maybe even Sleeping Beauty. On the Crazy Book Slut webpage she had some links. And I am thinking of looking into the books under the

Once Upon a Time Series from Amazon. Looks girly enough for me. I am hoping it will be easy to find something in the Young Adult Section.

So far I can't order from Amazon because it's a ridiculous site. Chapters has it online, and hopefully that will allow me to order the books to an actual store, cause that would be so much easier and then hopefully no shipping charges. I might check out the library, but it's really hard to get to right now and with winter coming, it's just gonna get harder.