Alison Croggon - Pellinor Series

I began this series about a week and a half again. I usually like to do Book Review after each book, except that in this case, I had all the books and it was just so good I just kept reading and reading and reading until I finished the series and then I remember I was suppose to write reviews! So now I am doing the last three books as one big review and I will try and separate it, if possible.I LOVED this story. It kept me on my toes (especially the second book), I was always guessing and things happened you didn't except. I enjoyed the culture and setting of the book, and would like to learn more about the history on the culture (if that's possible).

The Second book was definitely my favorite. Had tons of suspense and unexpected things. I love Maerad changes as a character and how she grows. Her relationship with Cadvan annoys me a ton, but in the end it all makes sense. I also enjoyed seeing more of the Elemental's and the Wolfs. Reading things from a Wolf's perceptive is very different. I did not like that her cousin died. Except that I knew it would happen way before it actually did. It was nice that she was able to met some of her family. Sorry this paragraph is all over the place.

The Third book was a nice change because it follows Maerad's brother story (his name is Hem) and it's nice to see how things are going on his end. I love that he is a healer and the crow is a neat comic relief. I really enjoyed Saliman as a character he was strong, but showed emotion. Zelika was my favorite character, I LOVE how her and Hem met. How Hem introduces Zelika to Saliman is hilarious. Zelika strength is unique, I wasn't quite happy with the way things ended up, but it makes for lots of dramatic 'ending'...

The Fourth Book. I wasn't a huge fan of, just because Maerad wasn't her usual self until the end. She was really worn down and tired. Though the battle's she participates in is fabulous and if ever made into a movie I don't think anyone could do it justice. When Hem and Maerad met up, it's so wonderful!! It's nice. Everything, all their troubles before that just disappear. I enjoy some of the new characters that was introduced and Saliman's friend is ... not sure what the right word is. She's interesting.

All in all these were really good books. A series I eventually must buy.