Warriors of Alavna by N.M. Browne

The Warriors TrilogyFirst book of the series and so far I am enjoying it. It's a bit of a simple read as it's written for young young adult. But I need something quick simple and with a good story. These books definitely have a good story. I really enjoyed the characters. Ursula has strange unique powers and what she does with them, is almost unexpected and very neat. Though I am not a fan of her name (apparently I am really picky about names), Ursula as a character is fun, intriguing and I liked reading about her. Dan unique powers were rather alarming, he learns to control it better, but it's still kinda scary what he can do. I enjoyed the other characters as well. I would have liked to seen more of Macsen and Kai. Braveheart, Bryn, and Bright Killer were all unexpected characters, who though at first I didn't really like them, they play major parts in the story and ... I am never sure how to put it, but they were fabulous characters. All in all the first book was a great start to the series and I hope the next two will be just as good. Later... :)