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A House of Night Series

(technically I have already read this series. However I wasn't doing book reviews then, and it's a really good series, so I decided to start reading it again. I did post a little bit about it before HERE on my main blog.)
Vampires spelled Vampyre. Much fancier you know! This is my second time through this series and I am glad I bought the books. I still don't have the last one, but I shall soon fix that!
Zoey is just an ordinary girl, when one day her life changes dramatically. She is a fabulous character. I have to say that my favorite things about this series is the names. Such fabulous names are used.
are among my favorite names. One of my favorite characters is Nala and her "me-eeg-uf-owed"
The story moves fast and is exciting. You don't get lost in lots of characters and things are explained to you because you are learning about this whole new world along with Zoey.
It's a super good tale/story and I read it in 2 lunches and one bath :)