The Tudor Rose by Margaret Campbell Barnes

I love history, especially history novels of the Tudor family. Sure its mostly fictional, but I love the stories.This book was a different side I haven't read before. Most times when you read about the Tudors you hear of Queen Elizabeth I and her father King Henry VIII. This book was about King Henry the VIII's mother and her life. Elizabeth of York and her trails, the presumed unsolved murders of her brothers Edward V and Richard, Duke of York and her marriage. I liked how at the beginning, the book gave details of Edward V and Richard, Duke of York. It is depressing though, that one will never know what truly happened to these boys. And then you have to wonder, if Henry VII had the real Richard, Duke of York beheaded (I think it was beheaded) or if it was a pretender. I hope it has a pretender for the sake of Elizabeth of York. The first pretender mentioned was a lad by the name of Lambert Simmel. He didn't last as pretender long and later worked in the kitchens of Henry VII. The second pretender was around for years was called Perkin Warbeck or Richard, Duke of York or Dickon, as his family called him. Perkin is what I will call him, because I hope he was a pretender, married Katherine Gordan. By all accounts this book and many other books I have read Katherine and Perkin had real true love, its quite fasinating to read about. I am unsure if he was hung or what. Tower Hill is mentioned as well as Gallows, but I am unsure what either are. Enough about pretenders. Elizabeth I was a beautiful woman who did wonderful things for her family and country. It is to bad that her son choose not to be so kind (he did murder some of his wifes!) Elizabeth suffered from something called Ague, which by the description in the book is quite painful. "Ague - A fever (such as from malaria) that is marked by paroxysms of chills, fever, and sweating recurring regular intervals. Also a fit of shivering, a chill. Ague can refer to both chills and fevers." I enjoyed the details the author gives us. Like Elizabeths wedding gown in the very first chapter. Also when she tells us the exact moment Elizabeth became 'Queen' (not literally in a crowned sense, more of by her actions) It was a fabulous book and I really enjoy it. I am totally gonna look for the rest of Margaret Campbell Barnes books