Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

I have finished Vanishing Acts. And I have to say she doesn't write Christian Fiction.
This book was so enjoyable. Things happened that I wasn't expecting. For once my favorite character was the main character, Delia. I also enjoyed the writing style, where you got to hear the thoughts of the main characters. I am sad with the way things turned out with Eric, but couldn't be happier with how things worked out with Fritz. Both Eric and Fritz are Delia's best friends.
If you don't mind a little spoiler I am confused by Delia's mother, Elisa. If Elisa would have done the same thing why was she pressing charges and trying to have Delia's father (Andrew) convicted? Or was there a trail because Andrew had commited a crime and though Elisa didn't want to press charges now, she did when the crime was first commited. Kinda doesn't make sense. Maybe Elisa did wanna press charges until she heard the whole truth and it tookk going to court and hearings for her to realize that?
I am sad about the character Ruthann. It was a shock when she died and it was all so strange. And yet, it was totally perfect for the book. I enjoyed learning a bit about the Hopi people, they have strange beliefs. Oh, and there was a SEX scene... of paragraph, that was a whee bit of a surprise! Anywho...
Jodi Picoult's books a very emotional books. I don't think I'll be able to read another one of her books for a while. The best description I have is heart-warming rollercoaster.
And Sohpie is such a pretty name.