Once Upon A Time

Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey My First book read on my New EReader!! My First book for the Once Upon A Time Challenge!

So much to say!

This story is simply ... sweet. It's warm, heartfelt, and super sweet. I love how Cameron Dokey has the character talking directly to you as if she is standing in front of you telling her story. I don't remember what this type of writing is called, but I like hearing the story from the characters point of view. (First-Person Narrative is what it's called)

It was touching, well-written and so wonderful. It didn't take me long to read, two hours actually, it's very short.

This story is Sleeping Beauty's Aurore. Her childhood and everything up till the happily ever after. I simply love the names the author choose in the book. Jane, Maman (this is what Aurore called her mother) Ironheart.

The ending is my favorite. I don't want to say to much, but if you ever need a book that's happily ever afters and just plain comforting, I would recommend this book.

I will do a review on the EReader later!!

I love happy endings