EReader Review

I'm in LOVE. I can bookmark as many pages as I want. I can type a page number and go to that right away.

The main thing though is, I don't feel like I am reading a screen. It doesn't light up, it's like reading a page, which is exactly want a I wanted.

I am not yet sure of the most comfiest way to hold the thing yet, but so far I have read with it while laying on my stomach, on my side, or sitting in the millions of ways I sit. It's almost easy than a book because I don't have to worry about pages flipping if I am not holding it properly.

And we were able to get black! Which is super exciting. The only thing miss is a name for my new toy.

My MP3 Player is named Keira... now what do I name my EReader... I think it should start with an "E" though :)

(EDIT: Mr. wants to call it Eve.. I think that works well)

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