The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks

The Way of ShadowsThe Night Angel Trilogy BOOK 1

WOW. How to write about this book. I can't say anything without giving something away. I have to say the writing was well done. The descriptions were beautiful if not horrific in some cases. This book at times had me completely confused how it jumps from past to present all the time. But I think the fault is mainly due to the EReader not noting a change in the chapter.

It was a fabulous book and I had to stop myself from starting the second one before writing this book review. I define a book by whether or not I would read it again and again. And I just don't think I would ever read this particular book again. It was really good, but I love my soft delicate stories and this was nothing like that, you could totally tell this book was written by a guy.

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