The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks

Shadow's Edge (Book 2) and Beyond the Shadows (Book 3) So here I am reading along and suddenly I am at the end of book 2 but the way the EReader had done it, might I was actually 4 chapters into book 3! So I decided to do book 2 and 3 as one review instead of 2.

It was build up, build up, build up and then HUGE let down. If book 2 and 3 were one book I would say the middle is my favorite lots of action, interesting parts, and GREAT Characters... and then it totally flopped. I was extremely disappointed by the ending.

Vi or Viridiana Sovari was my favorite character, but Durzo Blint was definitely second.

I Love how Wikipedia has a whole page dedicted to the book series with characters and descriptions

While the ending was very disappointing and the first book wasn't very good. I actually enjoyed the series.

One more of the EBook Challenge too!!