Once Upon A Time

Belle (a Retelling of Beauty and the Beast) by Cameron Dokey Each time I read a book by Cameron Dokey, I swear it can't get any better! Belle was a fabulous story, I think this was my favorite (though I am pretty sure I said the same thing for the other two Cameron Dokey books!) Belle as a character was wonderful, kind, and her sisters are not what normal story books say about sisters. They weren't evil or mean, they were sometimes as siblings still fight. But it seemed like a very normal family setting. Belle's sisters names are fabulous Celestial Heavens and April Dawn! I also liked how her Mom wasn't just Mom is was Maman. The thief was a fun twist in the story. And the beast was fabulous! I do however think Belle's father was a tad bit of a chicken and some of his action kinda annoyed me.

But in the end like all fairy-tails it worked out! I love fairy-tails!