Once Upon A Time

Sunlight and Shadow (A Retelling of the Magic Flute) by Cameron Dokey The Once Upon A Time Series I had originally thought were done after all the Disney Princess Stories but more like the original story.. However I don't seem to think that is the case anymore. Because I have never watched a Disney Movie like this book.

This book took allot for me to get into, it wasn't my favorite. The character's beauty seemed a little over done, but at the same time made sense for the story.

I sometimes found it difficult when the story switched from one characters perspective to anothers because you couldn't tell them apart, they all seemed to talk the same way.

However, this stories descriptions of love are AMAZING and Fascinating and I wish I could quote it all for you!

Simple read, and kinda a silly tale, but the descriptions of love made reading it totally worth it. :)