Vampire Academy Book One By Richelle Mead

Thrilling, imaginative, fabulous story and great characters. So this is actually the second time I've read Vampire Academy, its that good. I think I would even buy this series, though I seem to prefer reading on the EReader to an actual book. I almost didn't come and did the review because I wanted to start the next book. It feels like it's been a while, since I've read something 'dark' and interesting.

The Main Character's were two fascinating girls. Their relationship is deeper than that of lovers, they have a deep connection. Sometimes it seems a bit one side, but in the end I don't think it was one side because both could read the other really well. Some of the secondary characters were very weird, but they made more sense in the end.

I would definitely say this is an adult read, unlike most of the books I read, but it didn't have much of the stuff I don't like about adult books. Anyways fabulous read and I am totally starting the next one NOW!!

Vampire Academy Book One By Richelle Mead

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