Vampire Academy Book Two By Richelle Mead

Technically it's called Frostbite.

And well, it's fabulous. Close to the ending I was totally tearing up and yea all emotional. Great great story and fabulous Characters.

Lissa - in this book Lissa was so much happier and it was so nice. How she handles herself in situations and her general outlook on life.

Rosa - she is finally coming into herself and learning control. It's like watching a kid grow kinda thing. Seeing her mature. And it's so well written, I got pretty 'involved'

Dimitri - well, not much to say other than fabulous fabulous character.

Not sure if I like the whole tattoo thing. Especially Rosa's mother. I think I would rather the tattoo's to start at the neck and work there way down the spine, instead of all cramped on the neck. But it is just a book.

Now I just have to find the third thru fifth books and I'll be happy!!

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