Twilight by Stephenie Meyers

I was never actually gonna read the Twilight Series. The movie was a pretty big turn off for me. SHINY Vampires just aren't my thing. I want to read things based on the legends. Nothing stories made up by some author who wants to revolutionize the way the world sees vampire. Vampires should be bloodthirsty creatures not sparklie.

However, a co-worker lent me the book and here we are reviewing Book Number One.

Blah... I have never been a fan of a girl who is completely obsessed with a boy. I think a girl should live their own life, do things without boy and he should definitely not be her main focus in life at least until after high school and some kind of secondary education.

Honestly this book kind of annoyed me. I also don't like whiners (though I must admit to being a pretty big whiner, but I am working on it, and it's only to Mr.)

I know allot of my focus in life is Mr. but I feel it's different, because we both stayed single until we were twenty-ish and we do lots of things without each other. Plus, I know if something did happen to our relationship I would be okay. I could and have paid my own bills, lived on my own, and I could do it again. Bella, can't do a damn thing and she's rather annoying.

I have been debating about even reading the second one, but everyone I talk to says it gets better the next book or the third book (depending on the person), but I really found it a painful story to read, because I couldn't relate to Bella, or Edward or really any of the characters.

I already have the second book, and I am the type of person to generally finish something I've started, especially books.

This isn't much of a review more of a rant...

What are your thoughts on the Twilight Series??