Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

The story really gets going lots of stuff happens and I really really want to start the next book

At bit about some of the characters, excluding Zoey


Erik Night - is an all around ass. You don't expect him to be one so it really catches you off guard. You really start to hate him

Aphrodite - continues to surprise you and herself, bit o am really curious on what she really thinks of Stevie Rae because she never has a chance to say it as Zoey doesn't want to know. Drives me nuts

Stevie Rae - is she really hiding something horrible from Zoey? And seriously what's the big deal. I'm really glad she didn't abandon the rest of the 'freaks' for lack of better term.

The twins - their obnoxiousness is getting on my nerves and I am glad. they don't appear often

Damien and Jack - who doesn't love the sweet couple.

Duchess - is definitely my favorite animal in the book

And now I start book 5....