Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

The third book was definitely my favorite of the series. There was a ton more action and Bella finally grew up a little and started making her own decisions

I have decided to be on "Team Jacob" mostly because Edward is a possessive control freak who can't handle not getting his own way. Edward really frustrated me, just with his bad attitude and he never allowed Bella to make her own decisions. Just because he's a hundred years old doesn't mean he knows what right. (can you believe there is a Team Jacob website and everything?? I'm not that obsessive, they aren't that good of books)

I am happy that Bella is starting to stand up for herself, its about damn time. This book was way more mature and much easier to read than the first two. If you won't miss story I would recommend skipping the first two books if the series and reading this one.

I enjoyed the ending as it was from Jacobs perspective and it was refreshing as I am very tired of Bellas small understanding of things.

I don't have many nice things to say about Edward because... I just don't like possessive control freaks who thinly they own the world. I would have slapped him a hundred times already for his controlling behavior.

Still now that this book was decent I am not sure how the 4th book sol go. I had been expecting the whole series to be a major disappointment, but that was just the first two. The question is, is it worth my time to read two bad books to get to one semi good book. It still wasn't my favorite ever or anything not like the House of Night Series.

But I will probably read the last book now.