Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

The fourth book.

So spoilers....

Not really a fan of this series. I prefer traditional vampire lore. But the story did get more violent near the end.

First... she's pregnant? What kind of messed up story is that. Seriously, I have problems with people who graduate, marry, and get knocked up with a four month time frame. I supper this is a little different, seeing as Bella was pregnant for a whole month, instead of the usual nine.

And what's up with the kids name. How on earth do you pronounce it? Renesmee

Maybe its because in reality I just don't like children. So I don't understand Bella's sudden motherly protective nature. Edwards protectiveness makes sense. But Bella is usually a stupid brainless girl who cant think for herself. Though she did get better for the third book.

I an very judgemental on certain things I have recently discovered and this books focus was on the main things I dislike or hate.

The ending sucked without the bog battle. And I feel like Alice and Bella's 'makeup' was very cheesy. But yea that's just my opinion