Vampire Academy Book Three by Richelle Mead

Shadow Kiss

I am loving this series. This book was fabulous.

Rose is still growing into herself, but by the end of the book she was actually spongy things for herself, not what she thought people wanted her to do.

Lissa is well she was great throughout the book, I usually like her as a character. But near the end she was a spoiled brat and yea.

Dimitri, some crazy things happen I didn't expect it. But later as I was thinking about this it is actually pretty obvious that what happen was suppose to happen. Hopefully I don't give anything away :)

I feel like the story is growing strong, if you know what I mean. Each book you get more drawn into the characters, and the story gets better and better. I am kinda worried that it will end in a big disappointment because of the big build up. But I am thinking Richelle Mead will surprise me and it will be a fabulous story.

Now I just have to find the next book