Vampire Academy Book Four by Richelle Mead

Blood Promise,

I feel like every book review I write is a detailed description of the book, but always sounds the same... I am not sure yet how to break free of that. I want my reviews to sound interesting. I have also noticed that all the books I have been reading lately are vampire... vampire this, vampire that, and more vampires. I need to get some variety. What shall come after the vampire crazy??

Anyways on to the actual review. This book felt SHORT. The other 3 were all like 280 pages, and this one was a whole 88! Crazyness.

However, the whole 88 pages was action filled and interesting.

So spoiler. I love that Rose finally has it out with Lissa, but I which they actually worked things out right away instead of Rose just disappearing. Rose's trip was intriguing and fun. I would love to go to Russia and see the architect that was describe.

Quote from the book

Dimitri talking
“I’m talking about the land. The buildings. Go to one of the big cities—it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Everyone in the U.S. tends to build the same—always in big, chunky blocks. They do what’s fast and easy. But in Russia, there are buildings that are like pieces of art. They are art—even a lot of the ordinary, everyday buildings. And places like the Winter Palace and Troitsky Church in Saint Petersburg? Those will take your breath away.”

I loved meeting or reading about Dimitri's family and their lives in the "blood-where village"

In the whole book Abe was definitely the most intriguing

And as usual I am loving this series!! The Next Book Spirit Bound is to be released May 18 2010. Of course that means I CAN'T finish the series yet. I am completely caught up, but am unable to read!!

I need to find a finished series!

I am super sad I have to wait for the books. But hopefully it will be worth it!! and I am pretty sure it will be