Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith

Forbidden Game 1 - The Hunter by L. J. Smith

I just grab this book for the EReader, didn't even find out what it was about or read the back of the book. I just assumed because it was L.J Smith it would be an awesome story. And I wasn't let down. Fabulous story, completely different from what I was expecting (vampires/witches).

Jenny is your typical girl dating a dumb-ass jock. (I have never had much of an opinion on jocks) She wants to so everything to please him and puts her own thoughts/feelings aside. (Though I suppose that is to harsh) And this is what starts her on her search for his birthday present.

My favorite character is Julian. I love his description
"Eyes. Blue eyes. Except that they weren't just blue, they were a shade Jenny couldn't describe. The only place she'd seen a blue like that was once when she happened to wake up at the precise instant of dawn. Then, between the window curtains, she'd glimpsed an unbelievable, luminous colour, which had lasted only a second before fading to the ordinary blue of the sky. "

Great story, unexpected twists, and lots of adventure.