Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith

Forbidden Game 2 - The Chase by L.J. Smith

So the beginning of this book was extraordinarily creepy/vivid. I would almost skip the first chapter, it was sooo disturbing.

The rest of the book was really good. Well written, interesting story, and awesome characters. Julian was again, my favorite character. I love the description of him. This time it was a little different than the first books description (which I quoted in that book review) but still the general same. He seem though to have gotten even crueler if that's possible.

Jenny and Ton have grow back bones and become much stronger characters. They actually do things instead of allowing fear to take over, for the most part.

The book doesn't end well. Actually it wasn't an ending at all. More like a beginning, so that has me super curious about the next book. I just hope it doesn't start out as gruesome as this one was.