Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith

Sometime I wish I could draw. I would totally draw Julian, he was super intriguing and made for an interesting character. L.J. Smith is a very intense describer of things, be that items, places, or people. She wants you to know exactly what something looks like, but does it without taking from the story.

But I suppose you want to do what I am talking about. I finished the third book

The Forbidden Game - The Kill by L.J. Smith

This book was definitely not as good as the first two.

And because I don't know how to write this without sharing SPOILERS. I will warn you I am spoiling...

SO Tom and Zack weren't in most of the book, and I definitely missed their characters and humor throughout the story. Also Summer came back, and I definitely could have done without her character.

There's the fact that they ran away to accomplish what they did, when really they didn't have too. What they did end up doing could have been done from home. But I suppose they learned valuable information before hand.

The ending, was well disappointing. It didn't finish big, like the other books. Which is why it wasn't as good to me. But all in all a fabulous story, if not a little to descriptive in certain aspects.

Happy Sunday