Divine Series by P.C. Cast

Divine by Mistake, book 1

The beginning of the book, in the author's note, P.C. Cast wrote what she wanted out of writing a book. She wanted to created her perfect book. Not so much for an audience, but her fantasy, something she could sit down and read for hours. And I would say she did a pretty darn good job at it. I also liked that she created her version of the perfect hero, while he was a little to ... perfect for me, I still really enjoyed him as a character and his persona was perfect for the book. The story itself, was well written and moved along quickly. Lots of action.. (more on that later) At first it's a little confusing as you are trying to figure out what's happening, but Shannon or Rhea is also confused because she is trying to figure things out too. So you figure out what's happening with the main character. My favorite character(s) is either Alanna or Victoria. Mostly because they are both beautiful amazing people and just because they are well placed, well written characters. Alanna's is your deep, motherly type and Victoria is take charge and do what you can (sorta... like me)

I had some difficulties (this would be the more action part), I don't normal read adult books. I stick to young adult books, because the stories are well written and not revolving around sex. There wasn't much for sex scene's in this book (I can recall two) but sex is brought up millions of times in other ways. This is not something I generally enjoy and I usually skip a page or two ahead when I come across this. I have to say this is one of the first books I didn't do that (skip pages) it was an interesting story and it just felt so natural to the characters. BECAUSE they were in LOVE and not just in love for the moment, but for eternity. With most books now a days it's sex now, love might happen, but only until someone gets upset. Marriage in some aspects meant something in this book, it didn't start out that way, but it finished that way.

The humor in the book was fabulous, my type of humor. Dry humor not silly little jokes. And I simply adored the poetry in the book. Now I HATE poetry and at first I just skipped right over it, but then I went back and and reread all the poetry. It's actually really beautiful. I did quote some of it here on my Teaser Tuesday. I didn't really like the end of the book. Mostly because their topic of conversation was something I don't really favor. First comes marriage and then comes... little monster. Those I could do without. I also felt that the end just fell short, I don't really have a specific reason why it felt that way. But it kinda makes me excited to start the next book. Because it will be that build up again.

Oh, and a side note P.C. Cast did a interview about the book, see it HERE

Divine by Mistake (published Jan 2010)
All published by MIRA at £6.99 paperback, you can be purchase all books at Amazon.co.uk here.