Divine Series by P.C. Cast

Divine by Choice, book 2

We have already gotten to know the main character quite well in the first book (see my review here). It was nice to see a sorta different side of her in this book. Shannon was stronger, that would be the best way to describe her. She wanted to fix things and make things right. I think it had to do majorly with the little creature inside of her. I really enjoyed the role of the trees. Their role in this book was intriguing and unique, Shannon could not have made many of her decisions without the them.

I really enjoyed the characters in the first book and to have certain ones taken away, was so disappointing. I wasn't really happy with some of the choices Shannon made. The ending however was well written and very dramatic. It made me really look forward to the next book. As P.C. Cast says at the beginning of the book in her note to the readers "Shannon has several very difficult decisions to make, and while she doesn't always make the perfect choice, she makes the real choice, and she does with with a sense of humour and an exuberance for life and love that I hope you, too, will find endearing."

So I suppose P.C. anticipated that the readers would not enjoy certain aspects of the book. Like favorite characters disappearing for the majority of the book. I have to say that the humour written in this series so far is by far, my favorite thing about P.C. Cast's writing, it's humour I enjoy.

And while there was a little to much sex in this book for me. The ending made me excited for the continuation of the next book

Divine by Choice (published Feb 2010)
All published by MIRA at £6.99 paperback, you can be purchase all books at Amazon.co.uk here.