Divine Series by P.C. Cast

Divine by Blood, book 3

Most definitely my favorite book out of the series. I loved the characters, I enjoyed the story, I even cried a little book at the beginning. There is allot of death in this book (hence the crying), lots of sadness and you are immediately drawn emotionally to the characters, especially to Morrigan. Though the story switches between our world and Partholon, it's done well and you don't get mixed up and confused as to who's story your following.

This time the story is about Rhiannon and Shannon, it dwells instead on their daughters, mostly Morrigan. Morrigan grows up under the care of Shannon's father and step-mother. Grandpa (or G-pa) and Grandpa (or G-ma) are most definitely my favorite characters. Their outlook on life is refreshing. I wish everyone was as open to things as they are. G-pa especially feels very deeply for things, such as his granddaughter and her life.

I really enjoyed this book because it wasn't so focused on sex as the second book was. Though reading about childbirth is something I could have passed on, the story was so good, I don't even mind that part. (I still wonder why people would want an 'evil' little creature inside, but that's another topic)

Anyways, fascinating tale. I would love to learn more about the Partholon culture and also Adsagsona. I would if Adsagsona and Epona actually based on true Gods or Gooddess. Maybe something to research later :)

I am off to sit in the sun and read the next book!!

Divine by Blood (published March 2010)
All published by MIRA at £6.99 paperback, you can be purchase all books at Amazon.co.uk here.