Partholon Series by P.C. Cast

Elphame's Choice, book 1

I have to say, I don't like how there isn't that much information about these books on the web. Seriously I can't find links to a fan page or even a proper website stating the order in which the books go. It's sorta frustrating. It also makes me realize I depend way to much on the internet for my information. :)

I am so glad I didn't get distracted and disappointed in the first two books. Because seriously this series, just keeps getting better and better. I thought the last book was my favorite, I was wrong, this was definitely my favorite. I LOVED Elphame, she was such a relate-able character. I love her ambition, she has goals and she's going to accomplish it no matter what. She wishes for people's approval, but doesn't want to be worshiped, just treated like a normal girl. The thing she wants the most is people's trust and respect.

The story starts off again with Epona's chosen giving birth to Elphame. This time the birthing wasn't as gross as the last book and nobody died during (not to say I still would have minded skipping that). Elphame is born very different from her peers and that is what makes her stand apart. Epona's blessing is a double edge sword in my opinion, it is a great honour to have the blessing of a Goddess, but it is also the reason Elphame is worshiped, something she truly hates.

This time there is none of the original characters, it's actually 125 years afterward's. There is no longer thoughts of war or even Fomorians. But things change as Elphame returns to MacMallan Castle. Oh at the beginning of the book there is a map of Partholon, that was super nice to see, because I got to understand the actual lay out of the land.

There is many wonderful characters in this book. But I don't want to give anything away. If you can get it, be sure to read it, I really enjoyed it!! MIRA publishes the book and sells it for £6.99!

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Elphame’s Choice (published April 2010)
All published by MIRA at £6.99 paperback, you can be purchase all books at here.