Partholon Series by P.C. Cast

Brighid's Quest, book 2

This one started out awesome. I loved Brighid as a character and her mission was fabulous. She is a deep and thoughtful 'person' and she wants to help her friends succeed. My favorite character in the book was Liam, he is so wonderful and cute!! I wish he had had more parts in the book. I love Cuchulainn and Brighid opinion of children too, I am way more extreme then them, but it was neat to see things from their prespective on kids.

The magic part of the story was a little odd, because there was nothing like it in the other 4 books. Which makes me wonder why the change. I can understand it, because before we were always looking at things from Epona's Choosen perspective, this time we were seeing things from a Shaman's side. Shaman's maybe see more magic than Epona's Choosen. It was also a little weird how Epona changed one person's powers mid-way through the story. I suppose it's possible, but it felt out of place. And then the character still didn't really change his opinion of his powers, so to me it made no difference.

The book felt like it was building and building and building for this momentual ending and then it fell short (at least for me it did). The ending to me should have been a whole other book with lots of drama. It was all backed into one book which made it seem quickly written and not fully developed. It started out as such a good story, I was a little disappointed with the ending. The sad part is the book didn't even really end. The epilogue clearly makes it sound like there is another book coming.

On the Series as a Whole
It was a well written Adult story. I don't think I would ever read books 1 and 2 again (just to many adult scenes for me to handle). Books 3 and 4 were my favorites. I am very thankful for this opportunity to read such a good series. P.C. Cast is definitely my favorite author.

Thanks to MIRA publications for giving me the chance to review this series!! Brighid’s Quest (published May 2010) You can be purchase all books at here for £6.99.

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