A Bit About Me

A Bit About My Reading Style
I enjoy young, fun, flirty books, with some depth, a good story line and well developed characters. I stay away from romance and the details that come with romance, so my usual reading consists of Young Adult books. I do read the occasional Adult book, but skip most indecent scenes.
I will read chick-lit books once in a while, but I can only handle some much. I really enjoy the fantasy genre of books and so most of the books I read are such. I also like culture or history/historical fiction books.

My Rating System
Everything seems to have some sort of rating system. So I thought I would share how I rate a book. I have three ways of rating

1. Will read again
meaning great book, awesome story, something I enjoyed, also was probably something I read in a matter of hours
2. Would read again but not priority
meaning I would probably read something else or new first but I would still read this again. The story was good and enjoyable
3. Won't read again
meaning I didn't enjoy the book much, for whatever reason. Reasons can range from just not my kind of story, to didn't enjoy the characters, to too much of something in the book I did like. I will usually state whatever it is in my review.

Forms of Reading
There are many different ways I read. On the Computer, EReader, or Actual Physical Book. I like to know how I got/read the book I am reviewing. So when I write the title of the book I will write one of the following beside it
1. Own
so I bought the book. If you see a book you like that I own and would like to do a swap, let me know at "the(dot)clutter(dot)box(dot)blog@gmail(dot)com"
2. EReader
I found the book online and read it through my EReader. I read almost everything through my EReader
3. Co-worker and/or Friend
someone lent me the book
4. Publisher's Gift
someone asked me to review a book they have publisher or written and sent to me. This one happens rarely