Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The beginning of the book was good. It told the winning effects of the tributes and then things actually started happening. Katniss knows something is going on she just can't figure it out. But I don't what to spoil things. I got a little disappointed when the book started to repeat things that happened in the first one. But it didn't stay the same for long, and it got way more intense than the first book. I really enjoyed the 'training' sessions Katniss and Peeta have.

My favorite character is still Cinna, in fact I like him allot more in this book. Plus his teams is completely crazy, but totally awesome. Collins is very good at showing you the starvation of the poor to the luzury's of the rich all the way down to the brutuality of the peacekeepers. There was allot more blood and gore in this one for me, but it was descride in such a way that you weren't grossing out. If that makes sense.

The ending isn't final like in the first book. It actual feels like half the story. Looking forward to the next book... I can't seem to find any information on the third book. I watched a lot of Hunger Game trailers, but it's definitely not being made into a movie yet, that I could find anyways. I did find out that the first book was released in 2008 so hopefully that means the third book is on it's way. Here is Suzanne Collins webpage.