Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

The Awakening, book 1

The actual Vampire Diaries, this isn't me getting names mixed up. I have watch the show rah rah big deal. I hate it when I already have an image of a character. I like to come up with a description in my head of what the people in the books look like. However I think they did a fabulous job of Elena. That being sad on to my thoughts on the book, not the TV Show.

Elena, is a slut. Downright a slut. Gah she annoys me so much and then she meets Stefan and it all goes down from there. She turns from a slut, which I came semi-handle into a helpless sap who can't live without her damn boyfriend. It's like "GET A LIFE" Seriously frustrating, she does start doing thing near then end of the book but then the big drama thing happens and she's back to "oh Stefan I'm swooning..." BLAH.

Anyways once you get past that, it's actually a really good story. Way better than the TV Show and things are so different from the show too. It's like with the show L.J. Smith just decided to write a whole new story using the same base line and characters. I wish they had stuck closer to the book. WAY BETTER.

Elena doesn't have a brother, she was best friends with Carolina but almost immediately that ends, and well I can give those to things out without giving away the whole story. I am most curious about Damien because we don't see him until the very end of the book and he is totally different from what you expected.

For some reason I am surprised that L.J. Smith is the author of this book. Very different from the Forbidden Game series. Oh, and this series is completed (last I checked anyways) and is only 6 books!!