Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

The Struggle, Book Two... I though I would just discuss the characters

Meredith - she is kinda the power behind the group. The group being Elena, Bonnie and Meredith. Elena is the beauty, Bonnie is the brains, and Meredith protects everyone. I would like to know more about her history, she doesn't like to talk about her family, even Elena and Bonnie know nothing about her. And that makes me wonder what she is hiding and why? Oh, and if we even find out.

Boonie - she is slowly becoming a stronger character. I expect she will be even better in the next book. Right now she doesn't want to face reality and she just wants life to be simply. I really like her character in the book and the show. Bonnie comes up with most of the ideas the girls do, but likes to sit almost in the shadows as her plans get carried out.She is definitely my favorite.

Aunt Judith - she sounds like an old hag who doesn't have a life. But that feels almost to harsh. She suddenly got dumped with a bunch of responsibility with having a 16 year-old and 4 year-old to raise. I would probably be a hag too. I think she judges to quickly unless Robert has something good to say about the subject then she just agrees to whatever he thinks.

Robert - Aunt Judith's fiance. Don't really know much about him other than he's a college professor and he annoys me allot.

Margaret - I loved the cat part in the book!! So funny! Margaret just seems almost out of place in the book and extra character for no real reason. I wonder if she will become a bigger character later on. She is only 4 though and really what can a 4 year old do in a vampires world?

Damon - extraordinarily different from what I expected. He expects to get his way and will literally kill to get it (he is a vampire...) The shape-shifting thing is new. I am glad it's not bats, but it seem like a strange thing for vampires to do. But it theory has it they can turn into bats, why not other gross annoying things.

Stefan - I am not really sure how to describe Stefan. In general I am not a fan of him, but I think that's me just comparing him to the TV Show. I hate his character in the show and that is overshadowing the book. However the last chapter and the continuation of the story just might change my mind.

Elena - not quite the slut this book and she's not as obsessed with Stefen either. She's obsessed still but Meredith and Bonnie told her off for shoving away her friends. So she's been much better. I don't agree with some of her decisions, like egging Damon on. I am glad that L.J. Smith stuff to the normal vampire status. Like they can not enter a home unless invited. It's much more relaxed in this book than in the TV Show. But it makes much more sense the way it's done in the book. Plus that particular rule, allows for some pretty awesome scenarios between Elena and Damon.

The ending was completely unexpected in a way. So I am starting the next book immediately to find out what happens!! :) Happy Reading!