Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

Book Three,

Bonnie's dairy entry say 1991. That's like 19 years ago. Is this series really that old. This book was crazy. So many things happening, I am glad though that L. J. Smith stuck to one characters view and not multiple. The dairy entry's see sometimes annoying because I would have liked to have read the story, instead of a collection of thought of the main characters thoughts.
I am confused by some things. Like Bonnie's forced decision (what was the decision really and what's the big deal). I also wasn't a big fan of the newest character added to the group. It would have been nice if Robert (Aunt Judith's fiance) could have played a bigger part. But it works out.

The twist in the end bit, is fabulous! If you chose to tad this book let me know if you are caught off guard or unsurprised by the event. Even though this ending kinda sucked, the story felt complete. I am curious on how the fourth book will turn out, how does the series continue after such an ending.

Happy reading