Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

Is very different from the rest. I don't really know how to describe it without giving away story from the first 3 books, SO read review 1, 2, and 3 before finishing this post and maybe read the books first. Because I can't find away to do a review without a spoiler!
This book is all from Bonnie's perspective. It's a good change, but weird at the sametime because Bonnie isn't allowed the full spotlight. Elena drops in occasionally and brings TONS of drama with her. Bonnie is such a sweetheart, so much nicer and she really cares about the people around her. It's a much nicer feeling than Elena had in the first three books (with Elena it always felt like she was only doing things for herself, at least until the very very end of book 3).
Damon was a definite surprise in this book. I really enjoyed his character. His response to Stefan when things happen to Vicki is/was crazy, but when you find out what happened you wanna laugh almost.
Stefan is super selfish and annoying as usual (as in he thinks he's the only one feeling any pain). I don't actually have anything good to say about him. He usually ended as the hero and he did in this book too, but it didn't work nicely. At least to me, he just felt annoying. Like GROW UP... you are a couple hundred years old
The story doesn't end. It ends really badly for. The book was doing all good and the BAM Elena is actually back. Sadly I just wanna say BOO about that. Don't get me wrong its an awesome story, especially Bonnie's spells!
Now I just have to find the next book of the series.